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As a small or medium-sized retail business in Australia, you’ve probably been relying on the postal service for your online deliveries, but is this good enough for you? 

The postal service and couriers are notoriously slow, take time to deliver, and have less than accurate tracking services, with packages going missing all the time, when your clients are paying for delivery, you should guarantee their package will get to them on time.  

So, let’s look into an alternative: working alongside a great transport partner, such as DSE Transport, Australia 

You Save a Lot of Time 

It’s stressful to keep an eye on the postal service, make trips to the post office, and make sure all your packages are getting to where they need to go. Instead, opt for a delivery service that will handle all these things for you. This can save you a lot of time and effort, and many trips to the post office, and you won’t need to navigate their hours either.  

Less Expense Over Time

It takes a lot of money if you try to create your in-house delivery department, especially in the long term, and during quiet periods. Instead, opt for hiring a third-party agency and let them manage everything for you. This is cheaper, less taxing on your resources, and less risk overall. 

Maintain Great Customer Service

For businesses with fewer resources customer service can often fall by the wayside, even though it is key for business growth. When you don’t have to worry about your deliveries (or delivery complaints), you’ll have more time to deal with things like customer service, admin, and optimising your business structures.  

Better Tracking Services

These days transport companies have advanced tools so your clients know when their package is and when it will be arriving. This is what lets them be present for delivery and it's vital for building trust and transparency with your clients in the long term.  

You Can Guarantee Delivery

It makes sense for a client to want their package delivered as soon as possible. But more than speed, people want punctuality. If they’re paying for delivery within 5 business days, you should be able to stick to this. Unfortunately, the postal service has set routes, set turnaround times, and set depots it works from, so if you have two packages needing delivery in two different suburbs, they’re likely to go to two different depots and then be delivered on two different days, subject to availability. 

Instead of all this, just handle deliveries with a transport company and you can guarantee things will get to where they need to on time. In the dynamic world of retail, having a reliable transport partner like Shiply can revolutionize your logistics, offering access to a comprehensive load board that connects businesses with transportation solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Call DSE First

When it's time for you to decide on a transport partner, you will need someone with expertise, a flexible range of vehicles, and a safety-first mentality. All this is found within DSE Transport, Australia’s favorite transport company. 

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