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Melbourne is known as one of the most famous cities in Australia. Located on the southern coast, Melbourne is a vibrant and dynamic metropolis that attracts travelers from all over the world. Recognized as the cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne offers a diverse range of experiences waiting to be discovered. 

Melbourne is also known as one of the top destinations to sniff and enjoy a good cup of coffee. If you're a coffee lover who can't resist the allure of a great brew, now is the perfect time to plan a flight to Melbourne

In addition to that, Melbourne offers several places that are worth visiting. So, plan your trip and visit these three places in Melbourne!

Destinations to Visit in Melbourne

Before planning a trip to Melbourne, you need to know destinations worth visiting while in there.

1. Royal Botanic Gardens

Melbourne's Royal Botanic Gardens is a serene 94-acre sanctuary south of the Yarra River. It showcases a variety of native and exotic plants, picturesque lakes, and themed gardens.

Notable attractions include Guilfoyle's Volcano, breathtaking city views, the Melbourne Observatory, and plenty of picnic areas. Whether you have a passion for plants, appreciate nature, or simply desire tranquility, the Royal Botanic Gardens is an absolute treasure in Melbourne.

2. Block Arcade

Melbourne's Block Arcade is a historic shopping arcade in the city center. It showcases Victorian architecture, with mosaic tile floors and a glass canopy ceiling. The arcade houses various boutique shops, including a popular tea room called Hopetoun Tea Rooms. It's a must-visit for history enthusiasts and shoppers looking for a unique experience.

3. Fitzroy

If you're searching for a lively and artistic neighborhood, Fitzroy is the place to be. Situated near the city center, this suburb boasts a distinctive character. Fitzroy is renowned for its street art, live music venues, and a diverse array of shops, cafes, and bars.

Discover Brunswick Street, where you can find street art, vintage stores, and trendy restaurants offering a variety of international cuisines. Immerse yourself in the vibrant music scene at venues like the Old Bar and The Evelyn Hotel, which showcase Melbourne's rich musical culture.

Fitzroy embodies Melbourne's alternative spirit and provides a constantly evolving neighborhood with deep artistic roots.

Domestic Routes And Airlines Recommendations to Melbourne

Melbourne, being a big city, offers a wide range of domestic flight routes. Here are five domestic airline options for you to choose from.

1. Adelaide to Melbourne

Flights from Adelaide to Melbourne typically take around 1 hour and 20 minutes. Several airlines offer domestic routes, including Jetstar.

2. Sydney to Melbourne

Sydney is another major city in Australia. To reach Melbourne, you can take a 1 hour and 35-minute flight from Sydney. Jetstar and Regional Express are the airline's options for this route.

3. Gold Coast to Melbourne

If you are traveling from the city of Gold Coast, known for its stunning beaches, the flight to Melbourne will take approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. One option for airlines is Virgin Australia Airlines.

4. Mildura to Melbourne

Mildura, a city known for its citrus fruit production, has a route to Melbourne. The flight duration to Melbourne is 1 hour and 25 minutes. You can start your journey with Bonza Airlines.

5. Canberra to Melbourne

Do you come from Canberra? If so, you can travel to Melbourne with airlines such as Jetstar. The journey usually takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Flight Travel Tips for a Smooth Journey to Melbourne

What to prepare before coming to Melbourne by flight? Below are some tips you should consider before flying to Melbourne.

1. Arrive Early

Arriving at the airport well before your flight's departure time gives you ample time for check-in, security checks, and unexpected delays.

2. Travel Documents

Always carry your passport, visa, boarding pass, and any required identification. Make digital and physical copies in case of loss or theft.

3. Pack Essentials in Carry-On

Pack essentials, such as medication, important documents, a change of clothes, and chargers, in your carry-on bag in case your checked luggage is delayed.

4. Security Check

Prepare for security screening by wearing slip-on shoes, removing electronics and liquids from your carry-on, and complying with TSA regulations.

5. Stay Informed

Check for any flight updates or changes before heading to the airport, as schedules can change due to weather or other factors. 

To ensure a comfortable journey to Melbourne, complete all necessary preparations. For a more convenient travel experience, download Traveloka to book your plane tickets quickly and complete your travel needs!

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