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  • Written by Chloe Taylor

A skincare routine is what everyone needs in order to have a healthy and glowy complexion. This might be difficult to do if you’re just starting to adopt your first skincare routine. However, with a bit of effort and knowledge, it’s possible to do so. Knowing what your ideal skincare is might be tricky, especially if you have a combination skin type. Therefore, to make things easier for you, here are some tips and tricks that will help you establish the best skincare routine.

Know your skin type

Everyone says that knowing your skin type is the first step toward creating the proper routine. And that’s definitely true. For example, if you have oily skin, then choosing non-comedogenic products is a must. On the other hand, if your skin is dry and flaky, be sure to use products that will nourish your skin and strengthen its barrier. A skin type isn’t a be all end all method for determining the routine. But it can definitely help you pick the best products and use them according to your needs.

If you wear makeup, then be more diligent

Makeup is a must-have beauty product all over the world: from Australia and Thailand to Brazil and Germany. However, if you want to have glowy skin, then you must ramp up your skincare game. Be sure to introduce an important step: proper makeup removal, mainly before bedtime. If you sleep with makeup on, you’re risking clogged pores, premature aging signs, and a host of other skincare issues. A double cleansing method is the best way to remove makeup, however micellar water is also fine. Makeup wipes should be avoided as they can be detrimental to your skin.

A minimal routine is also a good idea

The skincare industry is booming right now, so it’s not uncommon to see many different products on the market. This can cause you to feel a bit confused: which serums are the best? Do we really need all 10 steps in our routine? The short answer is, no. If you have trouble-free skin mostly, then feel free to stick to the minimal routine of your choice. The basic skincare routine should consist of two steps: cleansing and moisturizing. Serums are targeted treatment products, meaning you should only use them if you have specific issues such as acne or skin flaking. Otherwise, a quality cleanser and a well-made moisturizer are more than enough.

Enough moisture is the key

Moisturizing your skin properly is the sure way to make sure that it’s in the best condition. In many cultures and countries, such as India or Australia, skincare revolves around using moisturizing products such as oils and creams. Therefore, if you enjoy trying quality moisturizing products from different places, then check out some of the prestige skin care from Australia as there are products that will nourish your skin, due to effective ingredients such as peptides and healthy plant derivates. Moisture is crucial for healthy skin, especially if your skin is naturally dry and dehydrated due to other factors, such as diet and environment.

Yet, feel free to go a bit overboard too

Just because minimal routine is an okay idea, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use all the products that you enjoy applying. Serums such as niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and retinol are an important part of one’s routine, especially if you want to reduce pores, add moisture or slow down the aging process. Also, different cultures have different skincare routines. For example, South Koreans enjoy applying multiple steps in their routines, while people from Mediterranean region prefer simpler care. Therefore, if you feel the need to include multiple products, then feel free to do so.

Whatever you do, don’t skip the SPF

As you probably know, you should have two separate skincare routines: one for the day, and a different one for the night. Now, these two don’t have to be drastically different, aside from one important component: SPF cream. Using SPF is a must when it comes to daytime routine. So, next time you do your morning routine, be sure to apply the SPF as your last step. Sunscreen is crucial as it protects your skin from harmful UV rays that cause skin cancer and other skin-related problems. If you enjoy wearing makeup, then be sure to get a spray SPF that you can apply after you’re done layering all your makeup products.

Be careful if you have combination skin

Combination skin is the most difficult to diagnose since it has the characteristics of both oily and dry skin. This can be a bit tricky, especially when it comes to picking the most suitable products. It’s common for people with combination skin to have symptoms close to oily skin: acne, clogged pores, and shiny T-zone. On the other hand, there might be dry patches too. So if you have combination skin, then be sure to choose products that are specifically targeted at this skin type.

Those who have sensitive skin need to pay extra attention

Sensitive skin is easy to spot. It’s reactive and prone to redness, irritation and uneven texture. Skin flare-ups tend to be triggered by pretty much anything. Low-quality products, makeup removal, weather, you name it. This is why people with sensitive skin need to be extra careful. If you tend to deal with such issues, then be sure to pick your products wisely, and possibly even visit a dermatologist. If possible, always test a product before making a purchase, as that will give you a better overview of whether it’ll work for you.

Mature skin deserves love as well

We live in a society that tends to see aging as something bad that should be avoided. Women are especially judged as soon as they start aging. Although the aging process cannot be stopped nor avoided, there are many cosmetic procedures that can provide the illusion of youthful skin. But the most important thing you should do is to provide your skin with sufficient care as you get older. Using age-specific products is a great place to start, as well as opting for facial treatments that can help with saggy skins and more visible signs of aging.

Exfoliating is important factor

Although exfoliation isn’t a must, it’s still a helpful way to get rid of dead skin cells and improve the state of your skin. Mechanical peels are the most popular way of exfoliation, although they can be quite detrimental to your skin. Hence, it’s always better to opt for chemical peels, as they’re more all-encompassing and effective. They also have better penetration properties, and when used long-term, they’re more beneficial. The best at-home exfoliation products are AHA/BHA peels. However, if you feel afraid to give them a try, then feel free to visit a reputable facialist who’ll apply them for you.


Each skin type is unique and beautiful. Therefore, this is why it’s essential to tailor your routine according to your skin type. That will provide your skin with the best possible care, plus you’ll be able to see positive effects quite soon. Buying quality products from various countries, regular cleansing and moisturizing, as well as wearing SPF will help you achieve gorgeous and healthy complexion regardless of where you live. Skincare routine content is very relevant nowadays. So, you can also try your hand at video editing and create helpful videos for others who also want to start taking care of their skin.

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