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You make sure your caravan is in good condition before and after all your trips, right? So why not make sure it’s in good condition while in caravan storage? Let’s look through some tips to help your caravan last the off-season. 


Top Tips for Caravan Storage


Charge your Batteries

Most modern camper vans use power to operate things like digital clocks, LED’s and more. By charging your batteries regularly, you can prevent future issues. 


Store Your Van Undercover

To protect your camper from rain damage and UV damage, storing it undercover (outdoors or indoors) is a great idea. This is because caravan covers can cause issues with mould, whereas letting the air circulate around your camper will prevent this. The best way to do this is caravan storage in Melbourne with Strongroom Caravan Storage, they have both indoor and outdoor options for you to choose from. 


Remove All Water

Water tends to get stale over time, combat this by emptying your freshwater tanks, and toilet tanks and removing all water before you leave. This will prevent sanitary issues, mould and odours from occurring. 


Cover your Windows & Couplings

If your van is not being stored indoors, you’ll want to cover and dry all electrical connections and close windows and all blinds to prevent sun damage from occurring. 


Turn off Appliances

Turn off things like your fridge and freezer and remove all the contents. You’ll also want to dry out the interiors leave the doors ajar and use damp removal products to prevent mould from growing inside your caravan. You can also leave a few vents open (but make sure rain doesn’t come in). 


Clean and Polish 

Now is the time to deep clean your interiors and exteriors, this will make sure your van is sparkling and ready for your next trip. 


Remove & Clean

Remove all food items, even in containers, as well as clothing, crockery, grown sheets, awnings, linens and clean out cupboards and lockers. Also don’t forget to refill and turn off any gas bottles. This is also where you should remove items that are likely to deteriorate such as batteries, marker pens, sunscreen, deodorant, perfume, insect repellent and more.


Don’t Forget the Extras

You will want to do things like lubricating hitches and corner jacks with a spray such as WD-40 and arrange for any routine maintenance servicing to be done, it’s always best to service as you take your van out of storage, so you’ll be ready to go!


If you need somewhere safe to store your caravan, you may want to consider Melbourne’s own Strongroom Caravan Storage!

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