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The US home with the mind-blowing $78k electricity bill...every month

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Not only do mansions cost so much money most of us can only dream of having, they also cost a lot to run.

And 9Honey.com.au website reports for one well-heeled new homeowner, their electricity bill to keep cool in summer and the interior toasty when the mercury plunged came in at a mind-blowing $US50,000 ($78,000) a month.

That is the cost of heating and cooling The One - a brand new, behemoth Bel Air estate, in Los Angeles that was ten years in the making and has been plagued with problems since the soil was turned.

The wealthy occupant, who bought the home this year for $US141 million ($219 million), won't be stressfully sweating over a big bill.

Read the full story and see the home here

Photo: Spencer Backman/Unsplash

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