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Plastic welding is something that has been growing in popularity over the past decade. It is a cheap but thorough method that enables you to attend to numerous things from mechanics to manufacturing. 

What is it?

Basically, plastic welding is the process of melting plastic at a high temperature so it can be joined with another plastic product – resulting in a strong join once the product is cooled. It is normally achieved by using a small handheld tool called a plastic welding gun that heats the plastic to the melting point. 

Who uses it?

There are many industries that utilise plastic welding in Perth.  In particular, large companies and industries such as mining, construction and manufacturing.  It is also regularly used by trades such as plumbers and electricians, and predominantly by mechanics and panel beaters for car repairs. 

People can also use it at home by themselves if they have things around the house they need to mend. For example, if you get into a bit of a bingle on the road and do some damage to your bumper bar, but don’t want to pay the excess on your insurance – it is most likely cheaper to buy a kit and fix it yourself. 

How much does it cost?

Plastic welding is a cost-effective procedure – if you hire a professional it can start from as little as $50, and obviously is more expensive for bigger jobs. 

If you choose to do it yourself so you can use it for multiple jobs, you can get a kit for around $200 and get bang for your buck by having it at your disposal whenever you need it – for years and years to come! 

Where can you get it done?

Sometimes it is best to leave some jobs to the professionals, and you can find them in your area around Perth by looking them up online. 

But if you do want to get hands-on with your own equipment and are keen to develop your skills, you can purchase equipment at Plastral where they have been operating for 75 years and have a large range of products to suit any job. 


If you have things around the house that require fixing, a business from home, or work in a large industry – there are many ways to utilise plastic welding. The diversity of its uses, its cheap cost and simplicity mean using plastic welding in Perth is an easy option you can’t go past. 

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