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Edenvale, Australia’s leading alcohol-removed wine brand, welcomes two new releases under the Premium Reserve Selection range. The result of a dedication to innovation, research and development, and carefully crafted from the best quality grapes from Australia’s most famous wine regions, Edenvale’s Grenache Shiraz Mataro and Semillon Sauvignon Blanc are the newest additions and will please even the most discerning wine lover. 

The new Edenvale range reflects the expansion of non-alcoholic wines into the premium space. “These wines are made with premium fruit, sourced at high cost, and made in small regional wineries. The fruit intensity and wine quality are much higher, and this carries through to the end product,” says Edenvale senior winemaker, Aaron Milne. Created for those who enjoy fine wine, without the effects of alcohol, Edenvale has curated flavour notes in these new wines that are a true expression of their varietals and are comparable to their alcoholic counterparts.  

The Semillon Sauvignon Blanc has been crafted in the WA Frankland River wine region, a region well known for producing high quality Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc with distinct regional and varietal character. Offering a cooler Mediterranean climate, fruit is slowly and evenly ripened, allowing the flavours to develop to peak intensity, while preserving the crisp natural acidity. With high quality fruit selected from the vineyard, the result is a delightful wine that delivers a true SSB experience.  

Inversely, the Grenache Shiraz Mataro winemaking has been conducted in the Fleurieu Peninsula and Barossa Valley, both warmer climates and low yielding. Fruit has been selected on varietal characters; floral, violet aromas on the Grenache, juicy mid-palate plum intensity on the Shiraz and orange rind, spice and charcuterie on the Mataro. All parcels add their characters to produce a complex but delicious wine, with the Grenache characters driving the blend. 

This evolution in Edenvale’s existing premium reserve range sees a focus on regionality, with fruits sourced from Australia's best wine regions with a higher quality, higher expense, lower yield, and a sense of scarcity to it. Producing in smaller batches at smaller wineries makes for delicious and complex wines. These premium non-alcoholic wines offer the same complexity and variety as regular alcoholic wines but are more adaptable to Edenvale’s ever-growing focus on a health-conscious lifestyle.  

Grenache Shiraz Mataro RRP: $22.99

Sourced from the Fleurieu Peninsula and home to some of Australia’s best and storied wine regions, this bottle of Grenache Shiraz Mataro is dazzling with notes of violet, pastille raspberry, and vanilla as well as subtle hints of orange zest, and sweet spice. A well-balanced palate with firm tannins and a dry finish, a match made in heaven with antipasto, particularly cured meats, olives and roasted red peppers. 

Semillon Sauvignon Blanc RRP: $22.99 

Created from the southern tip of Western Australia, the Semillon Sauvignon Blanc is characterised by a Mediterranean climate moderated by cool ocean breezes that slowly ripen the fruit selected for this wine, developing peak flavour intensity while preserving the crisp natural acidity. The result is a bright and refreshing taste with lemon-lime citrus aromas, underlying lychee notes and a hint of grassy fields bringing the regionality to life. A perfect refined pairing with sashimi and seafood, or simply enjoyed on its own. 

Available online at www.edenvale.com.au.

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