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  • Written by Lilly Miller

Sometimes, saying “I love you” can only get you so far. The reason behind that lies in the fact that words, in order to be effective, need to be followed by acts and determination.

In case you’re someone who is better than words, rather than actual deeds, it’s important to remember that non-verbal acts of love and devotion, don’t have to be anything grand or expensive. Doing just a little bit can have a huge impact on the one you love. Therefore, here are some of the best ways to show your significant other some love, without actually saying a word.

Give them a nice present

For some people, giving presents is a true love language, so it’s important to respect that. If your partner thrives on such things, then be sure to give them a nice gift, so they’ll have true and tangible proof of your love. Again, you don’t need to spend a fortune: a box of candies, some flowers, or something handmade will be more than enough for the occasion.

When it comes to gift-giving, it’s all about attention and care, rather than materialism, so be sure to treat it that way.

Take them to a special place

If your partner loves traveling and discovering new locales, then this is a great way to show them that you care. You can organize a romantic spa weekend, or go to a picnic: the possibilities are endless, as long as you’re absolutely sure they’ll be on board with the idea. However, if you opt for this, then it’s important to thoroughly organize the trip, so your partner won’t have to worry about anything.

A grand gesture can also mean a lot

Sure, if you love showier acts of love, then you can choose a grand gesture, but you need to make sure they’ll love it. Yes, that’s important even if you’re planning it as a surprise. For example, you can throw them an intimate birthday party and hire light-up letters that will say something that means to them. That is also a great idea if you want to use your own backyard to throw them a surprise party. Grander gestures need to be well-planned and thought out, so they won’t end up looking tacky.

Make them a breakfast

Treating your partner to breakfast in bed can be super romantic and sexy, if you invest some effort, of course. Therefore, if you have a lazy day coming up make sure to get up earlier and prepare a delicious breakfast and bring it to your partner as they’re waking up. Bonus points, if it’s your anniversary or any other special day.

Small things matter a lot

Showing love to your S.O. doesn’t have to be a particular act of surprise or a grand gesture if that’s not your cup of tea. On the other hand, small acts of service can mean so much, especially if your partner is too busy with house chores or work. Therefore, you can fill up their car tank, fold the laundry or do the dishes after the meal. Also, doing grocery shopping, and fixing the things around the house are important tasks that can seriously make your partner happy and grateful for your presence in their life.

Be nice to their family

In case your partner is close to their family, then you should at least attempt to have cordial relations with them, even if you don’t like them that much. Now, that doesn’t mean you should tolerate rudeness and disrespect, but if you truly love your partner, then letting some things slide might be a great act of true love, since nobody likes choosing between their family and their partner.


Love comes in many shapes and forms, and these suggestions will surely show your beau that you care about them. Of course, you can always come up with your own suggestions, and chances are, your partner will love all your ideas because they’ll definitely appreciate your effort and devotion to your relationship.

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